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In an article published yesterday in the Guardian UK (read HERE), it’s come out that Shepard Fairey didn’t receive the welcome he would have hoped for on his recent trip to Denmark, where he was beat up after his exhibition opening last weekend. It appears that Copenhagen youth decided to try to teach him that elusive life lesson that what you do as an artist might actually have real life consequences.
Fairey’s mural on site of the former anarchist/punk squat Ungdomshuset (we ran a write-up on the importance of the site a couple years back HERE)—and ground zero for the youth riots of 2007—pairs a dove and the word “peace” with the Ungdomshuset rallying cry “69.” The combination of Fairey’s development of the cult of personality for Obama, the taking of Copenhagen city money, and the use of that money to paint a mural seen as trying to obscure the conflict between the city and the anarchist community was a step too far. Fairey’s transgress, and attempt to shove his particularly friendly, Southern Californian-style neo-liberalism down the throat of Danish youth activists has landed him a black eye and bruised ribs for his troubles. To his credit, Fairey did go back and repaint a portion of the mural with input from some former Ungdomshuset members, but then again, when you depend on street cred to keep your career rolling, it’s unclear if he had much choice. (photo: Tommi Ronnqvist for the Guardian)


3 thoughts on “Banksy you’re next

  1. Terrível, a versão dele do que aconteceu. Ainda revela mais o merdas egocentrico que o gajo deve ser.
    I got a passionate ear full about the history of the Youth House which I listened to very sympathetically. I explained that my intention was to honor, not disrespect the history of the house, that I was very sympathetic to the injustice, and that punk rock and progressive politics made me who I am.
    I grew up in skateboarding and punk rock which both are incredibly creative, but can also be macho and aggressive.
    fodaçe bolço!


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