Cambada de palhaços!



5 thoughts on “Cambada de palhaços!

  1. I know you must feel homesick uidrng that time as the same when I was in Sweden in December. I know Glf6gg and 圣诞葡萄汁 (I don’t think it’s called 圣诞葡萄汁, but it is only available in Sweden, expecially around Christmas holidays). I like both of them. Because when you drink Glf6gg or 圣诞葡萄汁, you must sit with your friends or family. The joy is not only from the taste, but also more from the feeling of getting together, expecially in winter in Sweden.I will go back to Sweden soon (July 25). I miss there.I hope everything goes well with you. Kom ihe5g!!! China is not that easy to be changed. Even though I don’t like it.MVHChiwei


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