À minha frente, no elevador, está um rapaz dos seus 16 ou 17 anos. Pelo modo como coloca os pés no chão, cruza as mãos uma sobre a outra e inclina ligeiramente a cabeça, percebo que ele só quer é uma aliança com o Costa.


8 thoughts on “Chave-de-ouro

  1. palhacito: acho que a única pessoa que quer uma aliança com o Costa és tu – deixa LÁ o chavalo do elevador que ele não vota lista B…

  2. Mas os gajos da lista A não eram a favor do alegre?
    Mas o costa não estará já noutros voos na altura?
    Tá tudo estúpido ou quê?

  3. Acabei de receber os resultados oficiais:
    Lista a – 14 pontos
    Lista b – 14 pontos
    Lista c – 29 pontos.
    A lista c desconhecida até agora era encabeçada pelo Manuel Alegre e recusava qualquer aliança com a lista d que tinha como líder o dias loureiro. a lista d foi desclassificada por falta de pagamento das cotas que ficaram retidas em cabo verde.
    Assim se vê a forca do berloque.

  4. 1º Anónimo: Só respondi ao teu comentário, noutro post, sobre a vergonha que devia ter por anunciar um jantar do 25 de abril em que se cobra 15 euros para participar. Este daqui realmente é de uma inteligência tão aguda que me deixa sem palavras :)

  5. desculpa, mas o anónimo que te falou na chulice dos 15€ fui eu, não foi o anónimo lá de cima. Nunca subestimes, Saboteur, a dimensão do teu clube de fans

  6. Terás de investir mais tempo a esconder o teu IP. Seres meu fã está a tornar-se quase uma ocupação de tempo inteiro ;)
    E o que achaste dos resultados eleitorais?

  7. I think that the saboteur is just BB. I think that it could smlipy just be the twist itself that there isn’t really a player in the house that is the saboteur and that there are no life long friends, that they are just trying to make another distraction. Let me contradict myself though and ask why then would big brother be asking people to vote on who it is? lol that’d be a lot of really angry fans hahaIf there is a saboteur though I don’t really think there is a pair of lifelong friends. I think it is just a way to distract people from trying to figure out who the saboteur is for a minute at least.But a lot of you have some very good ideas on who the lifelong friends may be. I don’t think Kathy is Brits mom but they could be family friends. And if that’s true about Annie and Monet talking about college that is def a possibility. I don’t think Hayden and Kristen are siblings considering they both stated the interest in banging each-other in the first episode. They could just know each-other though, or already be banging outside of the house. Brit and Monet could be model friends OH BB how I love thee LOLI can not friggen wait for tonights episode! I want Annie out she is so freaking annoying!PS I think Enzo is really funny, but it could be because I live in NJ lol

  8. don’t take all that too personally, boyz live to give each other s*it and you ralely did leave yourself wide open there. I’m sure your feelings of discontentment from not being chosen are shared by many. You never ralely know who they will go with or what they are looking for with the dynamics between the ppl who have been chosen. Sure seems like a pretty face and a PHD were at the top of the list for qualifying this year though. Super glad the whole smart plays stupid strategy held by just about every HG is fading.To BB fans and speculators My first thoughts on the Saboteur were of Matt, but I have to say that Kathy’s poor showing in competitions was a huge red flag and it also makes since that Kristen is the guilty one, with BB giving her hardly any air time at all.After reading all the posts,,, the relationship with Hayden and Kristen cannot be denied it also makes since that Britney is Kathy’s soon to be daughter in law. And what was all that between Annie and Monet and her not remembering her hair straight in college?? Maybe there is more than one life-long connection among the HG’sGood job BB on keeping us guessing….. Can’t wait until tonight to see who is right.


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