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  1. Can’t believe I am on here again in the mornnig I think whoever said that Brendan has realized that Rachel is clingly is right on! but what can you do at this point?! he’ll use her till he thinks he doesn’t need her anymore to help his game. That whole drunk act last night was that most retarded thing I have ever seen! She’s from VEGAS!! yeay ah ha ha !! she should be able to hold 2 shots of liquor if she really is a vip cocktail waitress (gag me) it was all an act to have the attention on her! Whoever said that Rachel is insecure and jealous of all the others besides Kathy I think is dead on as well! she KNOWS she’s not the hottest chick, which is why she wants all the attention and secretly hates everyone else. she’s just dumb and will look back at these episodes and hopefully be embarassed! lol. I didn’t know ya’ll were using your phone and having to scroll down! maybe whoever monitors the page will see your comments and fix it?!?!?!I agree w/ Mary when she said that Annie made a valid point right before her exit she totally did and I think the houseguests were stupid to not listen even though annie became really annoying still not anywhere as annoying as Rachel! Can’t wait for BBAD tonight! :-)


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